Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Personally, I never liked cats in general for most of my life.
I owned cats from the time I was 7, to right now
They've all been grey, and they've all been the only cats I've ever liked.
They're just too cuddly-looking to not like pictures of them, I think.





That last one ^ is my favourite :)
Probably because I have a cat and rat who are both white & grey... But nonetheless, it is cute! Is it not?

I'm thinking up a new project I can make in my spare time... So far I'm tossing up between
a) A bedspread that looks like a keyboard synth
b) A round pillow that looks like a cat's face
c) Clothing for my cat & rat.

Hmm... Ideas anyone?

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  1. Ive never owned a cat... always dogs but I want one!!!