Friday, January 8, 2010

I want to have a dinner party tonight.

I just made a massive tuna bake, have the house to myself tonight, am waiting for the girls to go and get some maison...
And I was thinking to myself..." How fun would it be to have all of my friends over for a dinner party?"
In the future, I'll plan these things ahead, so I can prepare for when mum goes away, and have everybody over for maison, tuna bake and mint choc-chip ice-cream for dessert.
That's my plan!
We'd eat early-ish, to catch the dusky kind of time, and all walk down to the beach and play frisbee until sunset
And then come back here, chill, maybe watch a movie, and have mattresses to fill up the living room, where we would all sleep after a night of everything mentioned above.

I need to actually plan this, it's too fun to not. Especially while it's summertime!

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