Friday, January 8, 2010

new favourite photographer: Charlotte Boeyden

Charlotte Boeyden

I stumbled across her while checking my blog updates on this blog, which, although it isn't in english, the photographs she posts are simply stunning. So have a look.

Today, I worked until one, which was so handy, because it was ridiculously hot, and I had time to go for a dip at the beach with the girls before coming home to have a shower and get ready for my friend's birthday barbeque. :)
So far today has been very relaxed.
Enjoy your saturday night, loves!


  1. That first picture is stunning!!!

  2. great photography! thanks for posting, enjoy ur weekend :)

  3. Good morning!

    Thank you for the compliment and the link to my blog! I wanted you to know There's a translation option on my blog now, so you can read it in english if you want so (even if I don't write that much!).
    Have a nice day,